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President : Roger Dakin
Vice Presidents: Peter Baxter, Scyld Berry, Henry Blofeld

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The 2nd XI Cup Final will take place on Wednesday 4th September at Apperley CC in Gloucestershire

The 2nd XI Vase Final will take place on Tuesday 10th September 12:30 start at Cirencester CC in Gloucestershire


Cup Finals Qualification

In the event of 2 or more teams finishing level on points in the Phase 2 Champinship Groups the same tie breakers as used to qualify for the Phase 2 Championship Groups will be applied.

(i) The individual result between the two equal Counties with the County gaining the most points in the Phase 2 match being placed first.
If still equal, then
(ii)  The County with the highest number of outright wins in Phase 2
If still equal, then
(iii) The best run rate of the two Counties in Phase 2, based on overs that have been completed.
If still equal, then
(iv)  The toss of a coin by the Competition Organiser.


Phase 2 League Tables

Please note that all the Phase 2 League Tables can be found on the Play Offs pages above their corresponding Results


Phase 2 Player Selection Rules

Following a number of requests for clarification about Player Selection, in particular the 5 or more matches for their County 1st XI clause (Rule 5.1 and 5.1.1) this was discussed in detail at last week’s Committee meeting which was also attended by 4 of the Regional Chairmen.

It was agreed that 5.1.1 (County 1st XI players cannot be selected to play in their County 2nd XI or 3rd XI teams in any of the Phase two stages) may be inappropriate and would not be applied automatically.
It is intended to rephrase this rule at the next AGM.

eg; A player who has played in four 1st Team games in the regional group and then plays for them in the phase two competition would then not be eligible as he would have played five games unless he is then left out of the 1st XI in the Counties selection process.
In such a case the Competition Organiser would be able to agree that he could play in the 2nd XI.

All requests for players who have played 5 or more matches in the 1st XI to play in the 2nd XI should as per normal be sent to the Competition Organiser who will adjudicate on each case on an individual basis.
Rule 5.3 (The Championship does not have any intention of interfering in the natural process of the County's player selection policies) covers most genuine request for players to move between teams.

Out of courtesy, it has been agreed that the opposition captain must be informed  before the start of play in any case where the Competition Organiser has agreed that a player with 5 or more 1st XI appearances may  play in the 2nd XI. 
This should circumvent any post match queries and complaints.


Phase 2 Competitions

Fixtures for all the Phase 2 Competitions can be found on the Play Offs pages.
All the Phase 2 Fixtures have now been published on Play Cricket so feel free to update your own fixtures with grounds and officials


Results Reporting - Reminder

Please report all results including canceled and abandoned matches and update Play Cricket accordingly.
The timescale is to report the result / cancellation by 12 noon the day following the match and update Play Cricket
within 72 hours.
If results are not reported then the league tables on the website cannot be updated and the Play Cricket tables are
also incomplete.
As per Rule 9.2 failure to meet the reporting deadlines may incur a 2 point penalty. After a written warning if the offence is repeated a penalty deduction of 2 points will be applied followed by a penalty deduction of 2 points on every subsequent other occasion that a County fails to comply with either deadline.


Playing Regulations 2019 - ** Important **

It has come to light that there is a direct conflict between part of Paragraph 2.2 and Paragraph 3.5

This could affect any match that has commenced then interrupted by bad weather and potentially give an unfair
advantage to the team batting second

Please note and pass on to all relevant parties that the correct wording for the first line of 2.2 is now:

"In matches where the start is delayed or agreement is reached to reduce the number of overs due to adverse weather conditions"

The key difference being that if play is suspended then 3.5 will apply and not 2.2

3.5 states"In a rain affected game where the first innings has commenced the first innings shall be allowed to run its course where time permits in order to minimise the disadvantage to the team batting first"


1st and 2nd XI Match Days

Following discussions with the full Committee it has been agreed that, in accordance with Rule 3.3 all 1st and 2nd XI fixtures MUST be played on Tuesdays.
In exceptional circumstances (e.g. to avoid playing an International fixture adjacent to a Championship game), the competition organiser may, with both sides agreement, allow the game to be moved to a different day during the same week. If such a move is made then Rule 5.1.2 will apply and no player may play in both the 1st and 2nd XI in the same week.
No points will be awarded to either team for matches not played on a Tuesday unless permission has been granted to move the match by the competition organiser

Group Matches

Due to the extra games in 2019 there will be no replays in either the Phase 1 Regional Leagues or the Phase 2 Championship Leagues, for the 60+ 1s XI, 60+ 2nd XI and 70+ 1st XI Competitions.
For cancelled matches each team will be awarded 8 points.
For matches abandoned without a result each team will be awarded 8 points plus any bonus points accrued during the match.

New Points System for all Group / League Matches

Winning team 10 points, plus Bonus points (maximum of 10).
Losing team Bonus points only (maximum of 10).
Bowling Bonus Points: 1 point for 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 wickets taken (maximum of 5)
Batting Bonus Points: Total of (a) + (b) below capped at a maximum of 5
(a) 1 point awarded at 125, 150, 175, 200 and 225 runs
(b) In addition winning teams batting 2nd can also earn 1 Batting Point for each pair of wickets in hand

In 70+ matches agreed to be 40 overs before the start of play batting bonus points are awarded at 100, 125. 150, 178 and 200 (Maximum of 5)

Tied Game 5 points each, plus Bonus points

The maximum points a team can score in any game is 20. 

Clive Ricks


Welcome back to the "new" National 60+/70+ County Cricket Championship website. Apologies for the recent unavailability though we've heard that the inadvertent links to dating and motor cycle websites proved quite popular with some of you.
The key difference is the slightly revised URL which as you can see is now
Please share this with all your team mates, friends and worldwide contacts.

2019 Code of Conduct, Constitution, Rules and Playing Regulations

The 2019 Rules can be read by Clicking Here

The 2019 Playing Regulations can be read by Clicking Here

The 2019 Constitution can be read by Clicking Here

The 2019 Code of Conduct can be read by Clicking Here

It is essential that all Captains, Organisers and Umpires are fully familiar with the latest Rules and Playing regulations.

Internationals News

There are two 60+ Touring sides this season, Australia who will tour in the South and Pakistan who will tour in the North. The England team will then travel to Australia in November. We are also arranging three practice games for the England 70+ team this season, commencing with a pre season game against the County Champions Kent.

Qualification of players:

All players must be registered on the Championship National 60+/70+ County Cricket Play-Cricket website. No unregistered player will be permitted to play in any Championship match. Click here for the guidelines on how to register your players for the National Championship.

Tenth 60+/70+ National County Cricket Championship AGM & EGM

Minutes of the 2018 AGM held on 28th November 2018 can be read by Clicking Here

Minutes of the 2018 EGM held on 28th November 2018 can be read by Clicking Here




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