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Vice Presidents: Peter Baxter, Scyld Berry, Henry Blofeld

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How to Use The DLS Caclculator within the Play Cricket Scorer App

Join the RunsWktsOvers YouTube channel via this link at 7pm on Wednesday 20th May

DLS Calculator Demonstration

Where they will be demonstrating how to use the DL Calculator within the Play Cricket Scorer app. DL stands for Duckworth Lewis which is a method of calculating a new target score for a team batting second in a limited overs cricket match that has been shortened mainly due to weather but could be for any other reason. The DL method is available in two formats, DL Standard and DLS Professional. When using the Professional method, an S appears in the method name to represent Professor Stern who is responsible for the software used to perform DLS Professional Calculations. The two methods are not interchangeable, as they produce different target scores in the same scenarios. The Play Cricket Scorer app has a DL Standard Calculator embedded in it, which is the version being demonstrated in this session on RunsWktsOvers. The DL Calculator is available as a standalone function and as an accessible feature while scoring. The Play Cricket Scorer app is available to download free of charge on both iOS and Android devices (tablets and smartphones). If you want to follow the demonstration at home, please visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the Play Cricket Scorer app to your smart device, then join in live on YouTube on Wednesday 20th May.


Important News

It is with great regret that, after carefully considering all options, the National Committee has decided to cancel the 70+ Championship for the 2020 season. We realise that is a significant blow to our active members, who are in the latter stages of their career, but we feel it is the only safe course of action.  The England 70+ tour to Australia has also been cancelled and we hope to re-arrange the trip for 2021.
As far as the 60+ competitions are concerned, it is extremely unlikely that we will be able to commence the programme as we had hoped on 23 June.  However, we will postpone a final decision on that until 12 June, in the event of more promising news and guidance.

Our fall-back position is that, if cricket is permitted after 1 August, we will attempt to hold a straight knock-out competition.  The 60+ World Cup is also unlikely to go ahead in October, (England and Wales have indicated a preference for a postponement until February 2021); the organising committee will be making their decision on 9 June.
Please pass on this message to all your members and convey the frustration that we all feel in being unable to participate in our wonderful sport.  Take care and stay as alert as a top slip fielder!

Clive Ricks
England Seniors Cricket Chairman
on behalf of the National Committee



Click on the link below for a light hearted isolation song from Larry Warr (Buckinghamshire wicket keeper, joker and musician)

Larry Warr Isolation Song


Phoenix FM : 98 Not Out Thursday Cricket Show

This week Thursday 30th April our very own Andrew Gallant will be appearing on this Radio Show to talk about Seniors Cricket

Tune in details and podcasts of previous shows are located via this link (via the Internet only unless you're in Brentwood or Billericay)

Listen To Live Broadcasts

Cricket Podcasts and Information


Click on the link below for some topical light entertainment provided by one
of our esteemed County Representatives (I'm sure many of you will recognize him)

Jor Perry Social Isolation Song


Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update

As a Committee we have thought long and hard about our response to the current medical emergency. Whilst we would all prefer to play cricket as soon as the sun starts shining, we need to take a sensible decision which is based on the latest available advice.
Consequently we have decided to abandon the first half of the season, with all games scheduled before Tuesday 23rd June to be cancelled.
We will make a decision on whether the second half of the season can be played, resuming matches from 23rd June, by the end of May. Whilst we do not have jurisdiction over friendly fixtures, we would expect counties to observe the ECB guidelines to cancel these matches.
May I offer my condolences to all those county officials who have spent so much time arranging venues and to those clubs who had agreed to stage games for our competition.  Let us hope that the measures being adopted allow us to salvage some of the forthcoming season. It goes without saying that the health and safety of all our players is absolutely paramount.
Regrettably, in consultation with our Australian counterparts, we have decided to cancel the planned summer 70+ international tour.  The inaugural 60+ World Cup and the England 70+ tour to Australia this winter are both under review.

Clive Ricks – on behalf of the Management team 


The 2020 Constitution, Code of Conduct, Playing Regulations and Rules can now be accessed on the dedicated Constitution, Rules and Regulations page.


Home Venues - Reminder

To ensure all Home Venues are shown on both Play Cricket and the Fixtures Pages of this website if you haven't already done so please send all your Home Venues to the website administrator - Derrick Sheldon at [email protected]


The Minutes of the January 2020 Committee Meeting can be read via the dedicated Committee Meeting Minutes page


Match Balls 2020 - Reminder

For those counties who have yet to submit their order for 60's and 70's match balls please send their
requirements to Len Attard via email [email protected] at soon as possible.


Duckworth Lewis Stern

As agreed at the 2019 AGM for 2020 the Standard Version of Duckworth Lewis Stern will be used for all matches in the 60+ and 70+ Competitiions.
Please click on the following link to download a guide to using the DLS Calculator.

Tho official title of the App is Duckworth Lewis Stern PCS D/L Calculator the image in the App Store looks like this :

DLS Calculator Guide


The Minutes from the 2019 AGM can now be accessed by following the link at the very bottom of this page.


The end of season statistics can now be found on the dedicated statistics page.

Full historical playing records can be accessed via the dedicated link on the main menu or By Clicking Here

Competition Winners 2019

1st XI Championship - Lancashire

1st XI Vase - Kent

1st XI Bowl - Middlesex

2nd XI Championship - Surrey

2nd XI Vase - Devon

3rd XI Championship - Surrey

4th XI Championship - Kent

70+ Championship - Essex

70+ Vase - Surrey

70+ Bowl - Kent

Results Reporting - Reminder

Please report all results including canceled and abandoned matches and update Play Cricket accordingly.
The timescale is to report the result / cancellation by 12 noon the day following the match and update Play Cricket
within 72 hours.
If results are not reported then the league tables on the website cannot be updated and the Play Cricket tables are
also incomplete.
As per Rule 9.2 failure to meet the reporting deadlines may incur a 2 point penalty. After a written warning if the offence is repeated a penalty deduction of 2 points will be applied followed by a penalty deduction of 2 points on every subsequent other occasion that a County fails to comply with either deadline.

2020 Code of Conduct, Constitution, Rules and Playing Regulations

The 2020 Rules can be read by Clicking Here

The 2020 Playing Regulations can be read by Clicking Here

The 2020 Constitution can be read by Clicking Here

The 2020 Code of Conduct can be read by Clicking Here

It is essential that all Captains, Organisers and Umpires are fully familiar with the latest Rules and Playing regulations.

Qualification of players:

All players must be registered on the Championship National 60+/70+ County Cricket Play-Cricket website. No unregistered player will be permitted to play in any Championship match. Click here for the guidelines on how to register your players for the National Championship.

Eleventh 60+/70+ National County Cricket Championship AGM

Minutes of the 2019 AGM held on 27th November 2019 can be read by Clicking Here





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