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GDPR Privacy Statement

For new visitors to our website who are interested in playing 60+ or 70+ cricket please follow this link
where you will find all the official County Reps and their contact details


Bob Willis Blue Day

Bob Willis Blue Day is at Edgbaston on Saturday 27th July during the 3rd Test Match v The West Indies.
We anticipate an article, before play, regarding England Cricket Seniors and Ron's March for Prostate Cancer.


Results reporting and League Tables

Apologies that not all the League Tables have been up to date recently. This is due to the results / non results of an increasing number of matches not being either reported or even recorded on Play Cricket.

We have issued multiple reminders about this issue therefore will be rigorously applying Rule 9.1 and 9.2 rule from June onwards.

9.1        Full results of the match fixture must be E Mailed by the Home County to the Website Administrator on The Championship standard results form by 12 noon of the following day from the match finish.
The Home County is responsible for updating the Play Cricket Website with the full match scorecard details within 72 hours of the match finish.

9.2        Failure to comply with either of the two match result dead - lines will in the first instance result in the offending County receiving a written warning. If the offence is repeated a penalty deduction of 2 points will be given followed by a penalty deduction of 2 points on every other occasion that the County fails to comply with either deadline.

70s World Cup in England - Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

We are hosting the inaugural 70s World Cup in England between 28th July and 11th August this year with seven countries participating. Its quite a logistical and financial challenge which would be made easier  with the addition of one or more additional sponsors and more companies taking advertising in the professionally produced World Cup brochure.

We have a number of sponsorship packages on offer, all of which include attendance at the launch event at Eton Rowing Lake, home to the 2012 Olympics, and the final to be held at the Getty family estate at Wormsley, see

For further details please contact me at: [email protected] or on 07860 722 406

Chris Lowe
England Seniors Cricket 70+
Team Manager and Co World Cup Organiser


England Squad for the 70s World Cup - England 2024

After conversations with county representatives and our scouts around the country as well as a look at a number of talented cricketers in two trial matches, the selectors have chosen the following squad to represent England in this summer’s inaugural 70s World Cup:

Captain: John Evans - Gloucestershire Vice Captain: Derek Towe - Kent
Andrew Peters – Surrey Mike Stafford - Middlesex
John Hall – Surrey Nick Andrews - Cambridgeshire
Chris Evans - Surrey Duncan Elder - Hertfordshire
Mike Kenyon - Yorkshire Nigel Belletty - Gloucestershire
Simon Sargent - Essex Godfrey Lamb - Worcestershire
Tim Smith - Essex Peter Hayes - Worcestershire
Marcus Young - Essex Steve Sheppard - Somerset

With over two months of the season to play before the tournament starts on 28th July the selectors have taken the precaution of inviting the following players to be on standby:
Bob Pittaway - Worcestershire John Turnton - Gloucestershire
Brian Shipley - Buckinghamshire Keith Daniels - Gloucestershire
Martin Burgess - Sussex  


England 70+ Trial Match Sunday 5th May

Due to wet conditions the venue for the 5th May trial match has been changed from Banbury 20 CC, Ermont Way Banbury to an equally impressive ground at Banbury CC White Post Road, Bodicote, Banbury OX15 4BN. Start time 1.00pm


England Internationals Past and Present Dinner

There will be a Dinner on Friday 27th September at Edgbaston for all 60+ & 70+ past and present England Internationals

England 60+ v The Vatican

On Saturday 29th June England 60+ will be playing two T20 Matches vs The Vatican at the JP Getty Ground, Wormsley.
Start tines 10:30am and 1:30pm


The Management Committee have discussed the bad weather conditions the whole country has been experiencing and the potential impact on cricket ground preparations. At this point in time we feel there is no need to adjust the published playing schedule but will be keeping a close eye on the situation.


Silver Stumps Podcasts

Listen via this link to the terrific Silver Stumps Podcasts

Dave Murphy is the guest on the latest episode of the Silver Stumps podcast (ep.9 - which hits the airwaves on Tuesday April 16th) explaining the competition structures for 2024 including the new look phase two leagues for the Over 60s 1st and 2nd XI competitions.

We asked Dave a question - see if you know the answer before you tune in: The maximum number of first phase group matches any county can play in the various O60s and O70s competitions is 72. Only one county of the 33 involved can do that. Which one?

Dave got the answer right!


The Team Sheet for captains to complete before the start of play as per Playing Rules 5.8 can be downloaded via this link "Team Sheet"


All the fixtures for the 70+ 2024 World Cup which is being held in the UK are now on the dedicated England 70+ News Page


On behalf of the Management Committee, the Championship and Seniors cricketers everywhere I would like to offer my heartiest congratulations to Paul,Richard and the whole England 60s squad for their efforts and achievements in the recent 60s World Cup.

Whilst coming runners up to a formidable Australia team may appear to be a disappointing end to the tournament it should by no means detract from the significant efforts made not just in the last 3 weeks, but over a much longer pre-tournament period.

 Richard and Paul exhibited great energy,drive and commitment in assembling a talented squad. Their meticulous preparations, plans and dealings with the Herculean bureaucracy took many months of dedicated work.  Although falling tantalisingly short of their ultimate goal their efforts have done wonders for the advancement of Seniors' cricket.

Seniors Cricket in England and Wales is progressing and developing rapidly and performances in flagship tournaments such as this World Cup have a major impact. I am sure that the trickle down effect from this tour and all that went into it will be felt by counties in both the short and long term.

Once again congratulations(and some commiserations) to all involved in the World Cup.
Here is to the next challenge ...!!!

Geoff Beale (Chairman)


Away Fixture Venues

Following a number of requests can all Fixtures Secretaries remember to inform the away opposition once your home grounds have been booked.

It is also essential to inform the website administrator who will update this website with all your home venues.

Silver Stumps Podcasts

Listen here to these terrific Podcasts Silver Stumps Podcasts


2024 Playing Schedule

 In 60+ Divisions 1 and 2 although the Phase Two Elimination Groups will be regionalised depending on which counties qualify for which  KO Competition there could be a few matches with longer traveling distances than in Phase One.

60+ Division One Start Finish Duration No of Matches Reserve Dates
Phase One 23th April 25th June 10 Weeks 8 or 10  
Replay Week 2nd July   1 Week1 1  
Phase Two Cup and Vase 9th July 27th August 8 Weeks 8  
Phase Two Bowl 9th July 27th August 8 Weeks 6 or 8  
Semi Finals 3rd September       5th and 8th Sept
Finals 10th September       12th and 15th Sept
60+ Division Two          
Phase One 7th May 9th July 10 Weeks 10  
Replay Weeks 16th July 23th July 2 Weeks 2  
Phase Two Cup, Vase & Bowl 30th July 27th August 5 Weeks 4  
Semi Finals 3rd September       5th and 8th Sept
Finals 10th September       12th and 15th Sept
60+ Division Three          
Phase One 7th May 30th July 13 Weeks 12  
Replay Weeks 6th August 13th August 2 Weeks 2  
Vase Preliminary Round 20th August       22nd and 25th Aug
Quarter Finals Cup & Vase 27th August       29th Aug and 1st Sept
Semi Finals 3rd September       5th and 8th Sept
Finals 10th September       12th and 15th Sept
60+ Division Four          
Phase One Group Matches 7th May 6th August 14 Weeks 12  
Replay Weeks 13th August 10th September 4 Weeks 5  
70+ Division One          
Phase One 2nd May 25th July 13 Weeks 12  
No Replays due to the World Cup          
Bowl Preliminary Round 15th August       18th and 20th Aug
Quarter Finals Cup, Vase & Bowl 22nd August       25th and 27th Aug
Semi Finals 29th August       1st and 3rd Sept
Finals 5th September       8th Sept + Tba
70+ Division Two          
Phase One Group Matches 2nd May 12th Sept 20 Weeks 16  
Replays None        


Sub Committees for 2024

Disciplinary : Len Attard (Chair), Richard Merriman and Dave Murphy

England Internationals Paul Bradley, Geoff Beale and Richard Merriman assisted by Chris Evans, Chris Lowe and Chris Swadkin

Sponsorship : Paul Bradley and Richard Merriman

Website Development : Richard Merriman, Derrick Sheldon, Chris Lowe (Co-Opted)


2024 60+ Playing Structures and Fixtures

As previously advised the program for 2024 will feature more competitive cricket deep into August and more matches in total.

All Finals will be on September 10th and all Semi Finals on September 3rd.
All the fixtures have been issued with the full schedules to follow shortly.

Division 1
6 Regional Groups in Phase One followed by 6 further Regional Groups split between Cup, Vase and Bowl in Phase 2. These matches will continue until the 27th August followed by the Semi Finals and the Finals.
Depending on Phase One Regional Groupings and which KO competition counties qualify for there will be between 14 and 18 matches. Plus additional match(es) for those counties qualifying for the Semi Finals and Final.

Division 2
5 Regional Groups of 6 teams in Phase One followed by 6 further Regional Groups of 5 teams in Phase 2 split between Cup, Vase and Bowl. These matches will also continue until 27th August followed by the Semi Finals and the Finals.
Every County will play a minimum of 14 matches plus additional match(es) if qualifying for the Semi Finals and Final.

Division 3
To accommodate the 3 new entrants taking the total to 17 there will be 12 regional fixtures per County based on a Matrix format similar to that used by 70+ Division 1.
On completion of the Group Matches there will be 2 knock out competitions - Cup and Vase.

Division 4
With one new entrant there are now 7 Counties in Division 4 who will all play 12 matches followed by replays and a Knock Out Competition.


2024 Competition Organisers
Competition Organiser
60+ 1st XI Dave Murphy
60+ 2nd XI Len Attard
60+ 3rd XI Geoff Beale
60+ 4th XI Derrick Sheldon
70+ 1st XI Chris Dennis / Bob Baxter
70+ 2nd XI Keith Hammond



All the Knock Out Cup Winners for 2023




Winners   Losing Finalists


60+ 1st XI Cup Tuesday 5th September Surrey Beat Hertfordshire Ealing CC
60+ 1st XI Vase Tuesday 5th September Sussex Beat Oxfordshire Valley End CC
60+ 1st XI Bowl Tuesday 5th September Hampshire Beat Cornwall Stroud CC
60+ 2nd XI Cup Tuesday 5th September Wales Beat Hertfordshire Cropredy CC
60+ 2nd XI Vase Tuesday 5th September Worcestershire Beat Somerset Stroud CC
60+ 2nd XI Bowl Tuesday 5th September Yorkshire Ridings Beat Gloucestershire Oakamoor CC
60+ 3rd XI Cup Tuesday 5th September Sussex Beat Oxfordshire Valley End CC
60+ 3rd XI Vase Tuesday 5th September Gloucestershire Beat Hertfordshire Cropredy CC
70+ 1st XI Cup Thursday 7th September Gloucestershire Beat Surrey Thame Town CC
70+ 1st XI Vase Thursday 7th September Hertfordshire Beat Berks / Bucks Hutton CC


Important Reminders

(1) With teas increasingly being provided again as per the Playing Regulations (Para 11) if the Home team provide teas the Away team are obliged to pay £55 towards the cost of the teas. In the unlikely event of the away team preferring to bring their own tea the £55 must still be paid.

(2) A number of Counties have still not supplied the venues for their Home matches or added them to Play Cricket. Consequently there are a lot of blank Venues on the fixtures pages of our website and currently over 70 blank Grounds on Play Cricket. Furthermore in some cases the Away teams have not been informed where they are playing.
As a matter of urgency can those counties who have not informed the website administrator or their opposition of their Home Venues please do so and similarly can those Counties who have yet to add their Grounds to Play Cricket please do so as soon as possible.


We are now on Facebook

Here's the Link : Over 60s/70's Cricket on Facebook

New Features Page

Check out the new Features page via the link on the menu.

Announcing Sporta Travel Arrangement

The Internationals Committee, led by the efforts of Paul Bradley, have been seeking sponsorship on behalf of the Championship and have succeeded in securing a 3 year travel and logistics partnership with Sporta Tours which the Management Committee have endorsed. 

The Championship will benefit from payments by Sporta of £2,500 in Year one (payable on signing the agreement) and £3,500 in years 2 and 3. In addition should any County or its members arrange a tour with Sporta in this period the Championship will receive £50 per person on the trip. Also £100 per tour as a contribution to performance awards/mementos. 

In return Sporta will have exclusive rights for all outbound Representative tours (note that visitors to UK are not bound by this). We will also facilitate marketing information from Sporta being received by Counties in membership so they may consider Sporta in arranging any tours they may be planning.  

Prioritising of League Fixtures

Following the unprecedented and disappointing decision by an Eastern Group  County to concede their 60+ 1st XI match despite having sufficient players available to fulfill the fixture and play their 60+ 2nd XI match instead please note this directive from the Management Committee.

All higher team fixtures must take precedence and must be honored if there are sufficient players available  to play the match. We would always expect a higher team to make up any player shortage(s) with players from a lower team without exception.

It is also strongly advised that the Competition Organiser is consulted about any potential difficulties with honoring a fixture at the earliest opportunity as of course should be the opponents.

Full historic records for England Seniors can now be assessed via a new dedicated link on the Main Menu. There is a wealth of very interesting statistics in particular for England 60+ and England 70+. A big thank you to our official statistician Peter Hartland for his sterling efforts. Quick Link Here

GDPR - Privacy Statement

You will be aware from the AGM agenda item that following the work undertaken and a report compiled last year there has been a need for the Championship to ensure it is compliant with legislation in this area.

We have now added a Privacy Statement to the Menu options on the website. The Statement sets out the purposes for which we collect and process personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 / UKGDPR. It reflects valuable further input from Mike Griffin, a consultant in this area, who contributed to Andrew’s earlier report and for whose advice we are very grateful.

We are aware that many Counties already have in place similar Privacy Statements but as this Statement is generic it can serve as a template (edited where appropriate) for Counties who have not as yet addressed this issue.

Grandfather Rights Clarification

Where a player who  previously met the 60+/70+ player qualification criteria and has represented a County for a number of years but no longer meets the qualifying criteria the Management Committee may grant dispensation for a player to continue playing for that County.

The criteria the Management Committee have agreed to use is that the player must have represented their County for a minimum of 3 years and played at least 10 matches for the County.

In addition any player who has played 50+ for a County but does not meet any of the 60+/70+ player qualification criteria may be granted dispensation by the Management Committee to continue representing their 50+ County provided they have represented the County for a minimum of 3 years and played at least 10 matches for the County at 50+ level.

Duckworth Lewis (DL)

As agreed at the 2019 AGM from 2020 onwards the Standard Version of Duckworth Lewis will be used for all matches in the 60+ and 70+ Competitions.
Please click on the following link to download a guide to using the DL Calculator.

DL Calculator Guide

Tho official title of the App is Duckworth Lewis PCS D/L Calculator. The image in the App Store looks like this :

How to Use The DL Calculator within the Play Cricket Scorer App

The following link takes you to an official demonstration on YouTube on how to use the DL Calculator within the Play Cricket Scorer app

YouTube DL Calculator Demonstration

DL stands for Duckworth Lewis which is a method of calculating a new target score for a team batting second in a limited overs cricket match that has been shortened mainly due to weather but could be for any other reason. The DL method is available in two formats, DL Standard and DLS Professional. When using the Professional method, an ‘S’ appears in the method name to represent Professor Stern who is responsible for the software used to perform DLS Professional Calculations. The two methods are not interchangeable, as they produce different target scores in the same scenarios.
The Play Cricket Scorer app has a DL Standard Calculator embedded in it, which is the version being demonstrated in the YouTube video on RunsWktsOvers. The DL Calculator is available as a standalone function and as an accessible feature while scoring.
The Play Cricket Scorer app is available to download free of charge on both iOS and Android devices (tablets and smart phones) from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Code of Conduct, Constitution, Rules and Playing Regulations

The 2024 Rules can be read by Clicking Here

The 2024 Playing Regulations can be read by Clicking Here

The 2024 Constitution can be read by Clicking Here

The 2024 Code of Conduct can be read by Clicking Here

It is essential that all Captains, Organisers and Umpires are fully familiar with the latest Rules and Playing regulations. 11/04/2021


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