National 60+/70+
County Cricket Championship

President : Roger Dakin
Vice Presidents: Peter Baxter, Scyld Berry, Henry Blofeld

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2019 Phase 2 Competitions

1st XI Cup, Vase and Bowl : See Below                2nd XIs Click Here                 70s XIs Click Here

The Cup will involve the top 2 teams from each of the 6 Groups split into 2 Regional Groups. The winners of each group will contest the Cup Final on 3rd September at Oxford Downs CC.

The Vase will also involve 12 teams in total split into 2 Regional Groups. All the 3rd and 4th placed teams from the 6 Regional Groups. The winners of each group will contest the Vase Final on 27th August (TBC)

The remaining 8 teams will contest the Bowl Competition. There will be 2 Regional Groups of 4 teams with the group winners contesting the Bowl Final on August 20th.

The seedings within the groups in all competitions will be based on average points attained in the Regional Groups.

Where counties are level on points overall positions in the Group Tables will be determined as follows :

(1) Individual results between the two equal Counties with the County gaining the most points from their two matches being placed first.
(2) If still equal, then : The County with the highest number of outright wins
(3) If still equal, then : The best run rate of the two Counties, based on overs that have been completed
(4) If still equal, then : The toss of a coin by the Competition Organiser


For the Cup Final a ground and Independent umpires will be arranged by the competition organiser..

For all other matches Counties will be expected to provide suitable home grounds where necessary.
Each County shall provide an umpire and scorer for each fixture except where mutually agreeable arrangements are made between the teams.


60+ 1st XI Cup North Fixtures and Results

23-July Yorkshire   v Shropshire  
23-July Norfolk   v Lancashire  
23-July Cambs/Hunts   v Warwickshire  
30-July Shropshire   v Norfolk  
30-July Lancashire   v Cambs/Hunts  
30-July Warwickshire   v Yorkshire  
6-Aug Cambs/Hunts   v Yorkshire  
6-Aug Shropshire   v Lancashire  
6-Aug Norfolk   v Warwickshire  
13-Aug Yorkshire   v Lancashire  
13-Aug Norfolk   v Cambs/Hunts  
13-Aug Warwickshire   v Shropshire  
20-Aug Yorkshire   v Norfolk  
20-Aug Lancashire   v Warwickshire  
20-Aug Shropshire   v Cambs/Hunts  

60+ 1st XI Cup South Fixtures and Results

23-July Hampshire   v Essex  
23-July Somerset   v Wales  
23-July Hertfordshire   v Berkshire  
30-July Essex   v Somerset  
30-July Wales   v Hertfordshire  
30-July Berkshire   v Hampshire  
6-Aug Hertfordshire   v Hampshire  
6-Aug Essex   v Wales  
6-Aug Somerset   v Berkshire  
13-Aug Hampshire   v Wales  
13-Aug Somerset   v Hertfordshire  
13-Aug Berkshire   v Essex  
20-Aug Hampshire   v Somerset  
20-Aug Wales   v Berkshire  
20-Aug Essex   v Hertfordshire  

60+ 1st XI Cup Final

3-Sep     v    

60+ 1st XI Vase North Fixtures and Results

23-July Cheshire   v Northants  
23-July Suffolk   v Yorkshire Ridings  
23-July Worcestershire   v Derbyshire  
30-July Northants   v Suffolk  
30-July Yorkshire Ridings   v Worcestershire  
30-July Derbyshire   v Cheshire  
6-Aug Worcestershire   v Cheshire  
6-Aug Northants   v Yorkshire Ridings  
6-Aug Suffolk   v Derbyshire  
13-Aug Cheshire   v Yorkshire Ridings  
13-Aug Suffolk   v Worcestershire  
13-Aug Derbyshire   v Northants  
20-Aug Cheshire   v Suffolk  
20-Aug Yorkshire Ridings   v Derbyshire  
20-Aug Northants   v Worcestershire  

60+ 1st XI Vase South Fixtures and Results

23-July Gloucestershire   v Kent  
23-July Wiltshire   v Oxfordshire  
30-July Kent   v Wiltshire  
30-July Surrey   v Gloucestershire  
6-Aug Kent   v Oxfordshire  
6-Aug Wiltshire   v Surrey  
13-Aug Gloucestershire   v Oxfordshire  
13-Aug Surrey   v Kent  
20-Aug Gloucestershire   v Wiltshire  
20-Aug Oxfordshire   v Surrey  

60+ 1st XI Vase Final Fixtures and Results


60+ 1st XI Bowl North Fixtures and Results

23-July Bedfordshire   v Lincolnshire  
23-July Leicestershire   v Durham/Northumberland  
30-July Lincolnshire   v Leicestershire  
30-July Durham/Northumberland   v Bedfordshire  
6-Aug Bedfordshire   v Leicestershire  
6-Aug Lincolnshire   v Durham/Northumberland  

60+ 1st XI Bowl South Fixtures and Results

23-July Middlesex   v Buckinghamshire  
23-July Sussex   v Cornwall  
30-July Buckinghamshire   v Sussex  
30-July Cornwall   v Middlesex  
6-Aug Middlesex   v Sussex  
6-Aug Buckinghamshire   v Cornwall  

60+ 1st XI Bowl Final